5 Best Wall Art Ideas For Your Room

Are you feeling a bit irritated with that blank wall in your room? Choosing the right piece of art is the best you can do to decorate your room. Good art for your walls should demonstrate your personality and make your room a chilling place to stay on weekends. 

There are tons of creative and affordable personal canvas arts to decorate your walls.You should choose the one that compliments your interior decor ideas.

Whether you are looking for something off-the-wall or some classic gallery to make your room stand out, these art ideas will prove more helpful to you. Here are some of the best art ideas to make your home stand out from the rest in your neighborhood.

1. Potted indoor plants 

Make your living room get a fresh, natural look by hanging some natural potted plants on your walls. 

This is one of the easiest ways to bring Mother Nature to your home and give your living room that fresh oxygen. Mount small and large potted plants at strategic points in your living room walls.

You can buy some pre-made wall-mounted planters from retailers or opt to install some floating shelves painted with the same color as your walls and place the plants on top of the shelves. Before doing the weekly watering, you should remember to remove the plants from your walls.

2. Woven wall hangings 

The old times of hanging tapestries on the wall as decorations are long gone today, there are super woven hangs that are more colorful, impactful, and stylish. You can create an amazing, woven wall hanging for your living room or bedroom.

Look around from your local craft store, and you can be lucky to find some weaving kits and woven walls. You can also opt for custom-designed woven wall hangings for your room. Choose based on your favorite color, size, and texture for the woven art space you want to hang.

3. Open shelving 

Open shelving is a trend today that you should be looking forward to if you want to get the best experience in your living room. If you love a good open shelf, you can buy this idea to decorate your living room and make it stand out. Create a massive display of your ideal framed photos and images. You can also use plants and other home accessories.

When the outlook of your wall is boring to you, you can simply swap the displayed items and bring out a new look in your room.

4. Wallpaper

Who said that wallpaper is old-fashioned? The modern wallpaper is some ice of art that you can add to your room and make it look unique.

Today’s wallpaper is not your usual daisy-printed and pinkish piece of art – it has more than you look for in any décor. You can go for the peel-and-stick wallpaper or the traditional real wallpaper that you stick with glue. Many options come in super stylish prints, patterns, and colors.

You can try installing wall art in one large feature wall or wallpaper on all your walls for some amazing drama. Wallpapers can easily change the mood in your home and give it a new look.

5. Wainscoting 

Wainscoting is another option you can go for if you want to make your bedroom look amazing. Most people think of old dining and some stuffy rooms. This type of décor art can be easy and inexpensive to have in your home. All you have to do is choose super-sized dimensions and a few coats of dramatic colored paints.

Some items you can use include an MDF strip, wood, board, and batten. Visit your hardware store and have an MDF strip cut to fit your desired size. You can also be lucky to find premade wainscoting from your local home improvement store. Premade wainscoting are easier to mount on the walls.

Final Thoughts 

You never run out of ideas if you look for some art to decorate your room and make your home a little palace. You can go for murals, banners, streamers, feature walls, bar and batten, and classic gallery walls. Always choose your wall art carefully and ensure it matches your personality. These five art ideas should transform your home this year.

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