artwork for the artist Hamda Saidi

Artist: Hamda Saidi
Country : Tunisia
Biography: Hamda Saidi
Date of birth 01 Feb1979 in Kibili, Tunisia.
GSM :98661204

Plastic artist. Holder of a Bachelor’s degree in engraving and a Master’s degree in plastic arts at the School of Fine Arts in Nabeul (2000/2006). He holds a PhD in Science and Technique of Arts from the School of Fine Arts in Tunis (2017).
He exposes regularly from then 2005.

Personal exhibitions:
• “Retrocognition” Gallery of Arts and Crafts of Gabès 2017.
• “I look, I contemplate” Palace of Image, Sfax 2018.

Artwork: ‘وجوه اللوح’
Medium: different techniques
Dimensions: 120/90 cm

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