Artist : Tracie Sperling, artwork: Japanese Geisha Girl, Merit Award, April edition.

Artist: Tracie Sperling
Country: United States
Zip-code: 22042
Biography: During the day, I work at my new job as a cargo office agent at Dulles Airport (Washington D.C.) I am currently pursuing modeling and acting on the side. I have gone to 2 professional photoshoots. Recently, I was published by a fashion magazine called MOVER. In addition, I will be in my first movie called Chase’s Shadow which is a film remastered and a sequel to Chase’s Revenge. I play as Erin who is a dark, evil villain possessed by Mr. End. She is also a shadowalker with superpowers.

I incorporate my art as actual fabric designs for clothing and matching accessories. My brand name is called COB Abstractart which stands for Creativity Outside The Box. I started my own business as of January 2019. I have two online stores for my fashion line which are Tracie Sperling and COB Abstract art. In addition, I sell custom made products through an outside manufacturer called RedBubble. I have phone cases, throw pillows and coffee mugs that all have my original design.
Artwork: Japanese Geisha Girl
Medium: Acrylic, Sharpie Oil Paint, Glitter Spray, and Makeup
Dimensions: 24” by 18”

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