We aim to exhibit influential and controversial emerging visual artists who belong to underground / alternative scenes from cities around the world that produce their art independently. We look for talents whose attitude and lifestyle inform their technique and work. We want our audiences to be exposed to beautiful and meaningful imagery

How the exhibits work:

At Siilk Gallery we offer 3m of wall space for a 1 month (4 week) exhibition. Your work will be curated alongside another 3/4 other artists in the Mezzanine level of Siilk. We will also be opening a new side gallery early 2022 where we will show works by other artists from around the world to exhibit at our new and gallery spaces. There is no submission fee but there is a €300 hanging fee for accepted artsits. Everything included in this is added below

We will have an opening evening for each exhibition with press attendees, we will have private viewings and local and international coverage of each event event.

All works will be available for sale in the gallery and on the online.

The exhibition program includes:

4 week exhibition at Silk Gallery

Private view/press viewings and other publicity

Design and printing of invitations, mail out and social media invites

Curation & Installation of works

Photography of work for catalogue, website, press and online store

Featured work & artist information on and social medias

We take 0% commission on works sold throughout the duration of the artists stay and at exhibitions.Deadline: 09/30/2021

Entry Fee:

  • Yes

How to Apply: 

Please send a short bio, 8-12 images you feel represent you as an artist and the month you are interested in to

Thanks, we look forward to receiving your submissions.Web Link:

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