Online Art exhibition “Horizon of Hope” in Ukraine

“Horizon of Hope” Charitable Foundation, artist Josephine Florens and “Medivo” medical company are pleased to announce open call for a charity international online Art exhibition.

All the proceeds directly from your kind talented hands will officially go to the “Horizon of Hope” charitable foundation and will be transferred to the needy hands of the fund’s wards – sick children and adults.
Each participant receives an official electronic diploma of participation in the “Art Hooter” exhibition.

The age of the participants is not limited. 1 of your best artwork in 1 application is allowed to submit. You can submit multiple applications if you wish. We invite the creators of painting, illustrations, graphics, photographs, sculptures, digital art, handicrafts and other areas of art to participate.

The topic is “Kindness”.

  • The deadline for submission of applications is December 1, 2021.
  • The opening of the exhibition will take place on the official website of the “Horizon of Hope” charitable foundation on December 5, 2021.

The charitable contribution that goes to the account for donations to the “Horizon of Hope” Charitable Foundation is $7. All the participants’ money, without exception, will go to the treatment of the Foundation’s wards.

Submission of applications: in order to submit your work for participation, please follow the link pay the obligatory charitable contribution and enter your name, surname and the name of your artwork in the information field. Send to email your artwork in good quality, full name, technique , dimensions (if applicable), a link to your website or social network (if any). All this information will be published on the website of the charitable foundation and on the social networks of all partners of the exhibition – 05.12.2021. Diplomas will be sent to you on the opening day of the exhibition.

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