First place Medium Pencil on paper july 2020 edition

Artist: Federico Putzulu Sini
Country : Italy
biography: I’m an Italian Artist Painter-Engraver of 35 years, specializend in different kind of paintings technique ( a fresco, oil, acrylic ) also in the last 3 years I’ve specialized in etching and drypoint technique.
my artistic education did not follow academic courses but rather alternative paths which they enriched and perfected my techniques allowing me to get to my very personal pictorial language. I have been participating in national and international group exhibitions for several years, such as the Salon d “Automne, Salon des Beaux Arts and The National Art Center Tokyo just to name a few.
Artwork: Andrà tutto bene. Everything will be fine.
Medium : Pencil on paper
Dimensions : 50×70

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