First place, category: embossed figure, July 2020 edition

Artist: Erni José Seibel
Country : Brazil
Biography: I have been working with sculptures since 1990, at first as a hobby and now as a professional. I have always enjoyed experimenting with different materials; so I have sculptures in ceramics, wood, and stone. As a self-taught sculptor, I have always been inspired by artists such as Matisse, and therefore observed their thematic motivations and produced reinterpretations of their works. In the case of Matisse, I always thought that his figures (Blue Nude) expressed plastic forms, which motivated me to reproduce many of his works expressing such forms. The blank sculptures I hereby submit represent a reverence for Matisse (the colors belong to him!); and the shadows produced by the embossed figure highlight the shapes created by the artist.
Artwork: Remember Matisse!
Medium : Wooden panel with embossed figure
Dimensions : 76 cm X 80 cm

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