Dalle de verre

Dalle de verre is a technique used in stained glass work, particularly in architectural settings. The term “dalle de verre” translates from French to “slab of glass.” It involves thick pieces of glass set into a concrete or epoxy matrix to create panels for windows, walls, or other architectural features.

The process typically involves cutting large chunks or slabs of glass into desired shapes, often irregular or abstract, and then arranging them within a framework of concrete or resin. This technique allows for bold, vibrant designs with a strong emphasis on color and texture. The thick, heavy glass pieces can create a striking visual effect, especially when illuminated by natural or artificial light.

Dalle de verre gained popularity in the mid-20th century, particularly in modernist and contemporary architectural designs. It offers artists and architects a versatile medium for creating dynamic, visually stunning works that combine the transparency of glass with the structural solidity of concrete or resin.

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