Comic Art contest in Switzerland, Fumetto – International Comix Festival


In its almost 30-year history, Fumetto has developed from a small, regional event into one of the most important international comic festivals in Europe. Today it is one of the most important platforms for the comic art form.

Founded in 1992, Fumetto was aimed at young people and art students when it was founded. A competition was announced in the first edition. A tradition that has remained an important part of the program in the development of the festival. As early as 1995, major international comic artists were exhibited at the festival and the number of exhibitions increased. Due to the constant growth, the festival venues were soon distributed decentrally throughout the old town of Lucerne, which has contributed a lot to its current charm.

From 2003 onward Fumetto presents itself under the name Fumetto – International Comix Festival Lucerne and lasts a full nine days. The international orientation as well as the artistic claim of the festival were anchored in its name. Fumetto focuses on showing artistically sophisticated comics and incorporating other art forms such as drawing, illustration, visual arts, graphics, performance and animation. The most important comic artists in the world, young talents and the current one of the diverse currents of the comic art form are shown. Established as well as still unknown Swiss and international artists are represented in the program every year. From 2009 Fumetto will also position itself as a platform for drawing. The medium of drawing is one of the traditionally anchored art forms in Switzerland and Fumetto is its first forum. Fumetto shows art at the highest level and every year a unique international show of developments in the medium. Stars of this art branch are shown as well as newcomers. To this end, Fumetto works with leading artists, art institutions and galleries.

Fumetto not only depicts current developments in the scene, but also actively promotes young artists. The festival enables a young, promising and still largely unknown artist a first publication including a solo exhibition in the main program and accompanies them in the development. In addition, the festival gives many mostly unknown artists the opportunity to draw attention to themselves in the framework program.

Mediation has become another important concern of Fumetto and is also maintained at a high level. The exhibitions are designed to present art in an exciting way and in keeping with the times. This includes mediating instruments for every age group and different needs: handouts, guided tours, apps, lectures by the artists as well as programs for children / young people and school classes.

The festival has been running under the name Fumetto Comic Festival Luzern since 2018. It has positioned itself as a festival at which art is in the foreground and does not pursue any commercial goals. Today, with around 40,000 visitors, Fumetto is one of the biggest events in the festival city of Lucerne.

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