Winner category acrylic on canvas; ARTWORK: Audrey, ARTIST: SIMONA ZECCA

Artist: Simona Zecca

Artwork: Audrey
Medium2: acrylic on canvas
Dimensions2:  50×60

Country : Italy
zip-code : 20156
Simona Zecca is an Italian self-taught artist, she has been working for many years in an office but she has always wanted to try to make a living of her art. She has always been drawing since She was a child, and this is was her real passion.
So, after some health issues, She decided to leave her work and try to live as an artist.
She has been working mainly as an airbrush artist customizing helmets, motorcycles and so on, but She needed to express herself through paintings too.
This year She has started exhibiting her paintings at some exhibitions in Italy and she was warmly welcomed by people and critics.
Her work was featured at Mantova Art Expo, WomenHouse at OpenArt Gallery in Florence and upcoming Premio S. Crispino in Porto Sant’Elpidio (FM), in Italy.
She is currently working on a series of female portraits focused on eyes, as they are the part of a face which She loves to paint the most.

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