Artist : Silvia Gallart ; Artwork: Connect Make the Internet Real, Honor Award Jan 2021 edition.

Artist : Silvia Gallart
Country : Switzerland
Biography: “Everything is connected. As an artist, I pursue to find the gaps between low and high culture to discover and create deeper meanings. Based on my own life experience and surrounded by historic and social events that intrigue and interest me I create unique and ageless art, that has different levels of lecture and interpretation. Coincidence, similarity, and synchronicity are concepts that are often shown in my work”.

Silvia Gallart is a Swiss-Spanish graphic designer and artist based in Zurich, Switzerland. After studying graphic design at Eina Escola de Disseny I Art Barcelona, she started her working career as an art director assistant in some agencies and as a graphic designer in some companies in Barcelona, Zurich, and Aarau. Since 2015 Silvia works as an independent graphic designer and artist. Her style is very colorful, playful, bold, and contemporary yet ageless. Her work has been mainly exhibited in Zurich, Zug, Lucerne, and Barcelona.
Artwork: Connect Make the Internet Real
Medium : Vinyl foil
Dimensions : Undertermined.

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