MAy 2020 first place winner, portrait category, Artist: Elise Manechez

First-name : Elise
Last-name : Manechez
Country : France
Zip-code : 92130
Website: &
Biography: I am a 37 yo french artist established near Paris and have been painting for the past 20 years.

 I am passionate about both portraits & persian miniatures.

The depth of human emotions is a fascinating source of inspiration for me. The portrait  is a way of transmitting my emotional reaction as a testimony of the world around me, of humanity, and indeed mirror, ultimately, ourselves.

As a Persian miniaturist, I aim to create an interior world which is not in imitation of the visible and create a reality of the heart which replaces the reality of the eyes. The Persian miniature is then, not only an image but also a “Spiritual Poetry”. As the Little Prince says, “The essential is invisible to the eyes”. I aim to probe, with my miniatures, our intelligible world – in the Platonic sense – where we find beauty, harmony, light and Love.

More detail about the meaning of the Persian miniatures I draw can be found on my website:
Artwork: Azrael
Medium: oil on canvas board
Dimensions : 38 x 46 cm

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