Art residency in Portugal, Torrinha Artist residence

Torrinha Artist residence invites artists from all fields of practice and career stages, with an emphasis on highly motivated early career artists. Torrinha artist-in-residence programme is grounded on the principles of personal exploration, professional development, connection, co-living and collaboration. The residence offers a communal way of living and creating amongst other artist professionals in the heart of Porto art scene. The programme of the residence aims to offer conditions for residents to develop an informal critique routine, with visits from art professionals from the local area. Torrinha team members organize visits to local galleries, museums, artist-run institutions and local artist studios. The programme is not strictly designed for artistic production, but we encourage and attend artists in organizing open studios, workshops, pop-up exhibitions and performances.

Duration of residency

3 or 6 month residency program


Torrinha residence is placed in a 3 storey house, built in the late 19th century. The house welcomes its visitors with a traditional tiled facade, tall ceilings, and an authentic skylight above a wooden staircase. The inside area is approximately 250 m2 (2690 ft2), although it is divided into smaller rooms and workplaces. A characteristic area of the house is a large glass covered veranda, serving as a work space with a great source of natural light or a gathering area. The house has a fully equipped kitchen with a small dining nook and two bathrooms with a bathtub, WC and a bidet. The house offers 4 separate single bedrooms and 3 shared studios. As many old houses in Porto, Torrinha house does not have central heating, electric heaters are provided during the winter season. The residents are expected to share the common areas as well as the studios.Torrinha studios can host 4 artists in 4 single bedrooms. Two bedrooms are located on the 2nd floor, both of the room’s windows face the street. The other two bedrooms are located on the 3rd floor – the attic. The attic rooms have one small skylight window each. Each room is furnished with a queen size bed, table, clothing rack, dresser, bedside table and mirror.

Disciplines, work equipment and assistance

Torrinha artist residence invites artists from all fields of practice and career stages, with an emphasis on highly motivated early career artists. ​We invite visual artists, performers, researchers, writers, crafters, designers and multidisciplinary artists.We provide:

  • Organizational help with artistic production
  • Possibility to exhibit and hold events in the residence and residence’s collaborators spaces
  • Organizational and hands-on help with events and exhibits
  • Critical visits from local art professionals 
  • Local art scene events curriculum
  • Organized visits to local artist studios, artist-run associations
  • Tours to museums, art gallery walks, Porto city tours
Studio / Workspace

Torinha studios provides resident artists with 3 shared studio spaces: veranda studio, attic studio and a smaller 2nd floor studio. Veranda studio is a spacious room covered in traditional portuguese tiles and surrounded by large windows. It is filled with natural light, although in the winter months it can be less comfortable because of low temperature. The attic studio has one large window and is suitable for sharing amongst two people. The 2nd floor studio is smaller and has only artificial lightning. Each studio is equipped with work desks, easels and studio lights. Torrinha studios can not offer specific equipment, apart from projector and a simple sound system, but can assist residents in renting upon request in advance.The residents are expected to share the studios on independent agreement amongst themselves. They can also use their bedrooms as work spaces if their practice allows it. The house is not suitable for large scale projects, dance rehearsals, etc., although additional work space can be negotiated upon request in advance. Torrinha offers residents a possibility to take up azulejo (ceramic tile glazing) and ceramic modeling workshops in two of our partners’ studios. Residents are encouraged to organize open studios, workshops, talks, screenings, etc. in the Torrinha house. They can use any desired area of the house for installing their work or holding a performance during an organized event.

Fees and support

600 Euro / month (2nd floor bedroom) OR 550 Euro /  month (3rd floor bedroom)

Expectations towards the artist

The artist is asked to participate in informal critical meetings and is encouraged to produce art and exhibit. However, Artist in Residence is not obliged to produce art during their time at the residence and show their work in Torrinha Artist Residence group exhibition at the end of the residence period. 

Application information

To apply fill out a google form ( ) or send us the application via email  A video interview may follow.

  • Full name and birthdate
  • Artist CV
  • Portfolio (or a link to your website, social media)
  • Artist statement or description of your artistic practice.
  • Short description of intended project (min. 500 characters, max. 2000 characters)

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