Art residency in Greece ‘Ano Asites artit residency’

All creative people are welcome to apply for a stay at the residency. The main residency house has two bedrooms and two studio spaces. There are more beds for people who would like to bring children, or extra friends. The amount of time stayed is flexible but should be no shorter than two weeks. One week is possible if there is space between the longer booked periods. Currently renovations have started on a second house. Because of the Corona virus the project is a bit behind. Hopefully in 2022 there could be three residency houses running. 

The selection process will be looking for people who have most likely been to Greece before. As the village is not close to the sea, guests should be looking for a more unique ‘Cretan experience’. Guests should be self sufficient and have a solid project to work on. Of course the city and beaches are not a long bus/car trip from the residency, so all of the usual island attractions are not very far. But to be happy in the village artists must like solitude! 

If you wish to apply for a stay at the Ano Asites Artists Residency please email In your email please explain;

  • What you want to do at residency?
  • Who else will be coming with you?
  • The dates you are interested in?
  • How long you would like to stay for?
  • How did you hear about us?
  • Short biography, a link to your website, a CV or a portfolio, etc.  


Suggested donations will go towards future restoration, art projects and maintenance costs.    Suggested donations are on application according to the needs of the projects. Generally the fees are lower than you would pay for a similar Airbnb. To keep costs down food is not included. The kitchen is fully stocked with all the utensils needed to make your own food. There are supermarkets and a huge fresh fruit and veg market close by. 

After you agree to an amount of time to stay and a cost this must be followed. If artists decide to do trips inside of the agreements, you must still pay for the time booked. Many day trips are possible. 

The residency does not offer free stays in return for work. The artists fees go back into developing the residency/ village project. 


Where to find art residencies:

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