Art Gallery First place winner November 2020 edition, Artist : Aodan

Artist : Aodan
Country : United States
Biography: Aodan (born. Hohhot, China) is a visual artist who is more willing to call herself an ‘escapist’ and ‘art sharman’. She graduated from Oberlin College with a bachelor degree in visual arts and School of Art Institute of Chicago with a master degree in fashion, body and garment. Her works have been exhibited in multiple shows in the USA and included in magazines from Turkey, United Kingdom and Spain.

Aodan’s body of work delves into  the complicated tableaux with aggressiveness, gentleness, fragility, softness, toughness, struggles, emotions and pain within femininity and female gender in delicate and cryptic looks. She digs into the neglected, unorthodox, forgotten and hidden parts in “Yin” out of love, desire and fear.

On her way of striving to explore, redefine and externalize femininity and “femaleness”, Aodan is intrigued by the unique quality of porcelain: it’s extremely vulnerable and delicate while still hard and strong; it could break into pieces easily but cuts deeply when shattered. Combining the materiality and discipline in making art, Aodan moved into a stage of “free interpretation symbolism”, believing that she should stay loyal to the creed that art should be an organic combination abundant with personal metaphors and symbols; art is about experiences rather than conversations; art is never expository but open-ended.
Artwork : Karma
Medium: glazed porcelain

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