Art contest in Switzerland “Contest 111”

Contest 111 is the platform that rewards the most beloved painters and photographers with a prize pool of $ 111,000 for the overall winner and two category prizes of $ 5,000 . You also immediately earn 50% of the shares collected from the votes of your fans.

A virtual gallery of works of art open 24/7, visible to all art lovers, all over the world: free time to devote to your art and get in touch with your community and the most innovative art galleries .

Today you can register for free and secure the super bonus of $ 25 to use between 25 and 31 July to enter the contest and win $ 111,000.


In addition to the prize, all painters and photographers who enter the competition have the opportunity to:

– also compete for the $ 5,000 category prize for best photographer and best painter

– exhibit their works, physically or online, in the Five Gallery in Lugano –

– have exclusive access to webinars held by high profile personalities in the art world such as Andrea Del Guercio, former Director of the Schools of Painting, Coordinator of the Institute of Theory and History of Art and Board Member of the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera –

– join the Contest 111 Facebook community to get in touch with thousands of artists all over the world

Application link:

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