5 Top Illustrations Artist to Follow in 2022

Every artist knows that for art to be considered exemplary and a masterpiece, it has to tell a story. Every stroke of the brush on a piece of canvas draws power and emotion capturing people’s attention. The use of colors, shapes and other artistic elements are essential aspects of illustrative artwork. As a result, for an illustrative artwork to stand out, the artist involved should show the knack and skill to bring out the story in the art to stand out and draw people’s attention.

Following several of their works, the following illustration artists are to be watched out for in 2022.

  1.  Beatriz Castro

Beatriz Castro, 36, is a professional illustrator who studied art in her hometown Logroño, La Rioja, Spain. Her love for art was evident from a tender age where she could draw and write eye-catching stories. After graduating from college in 2008, she began writing books that have been household names to international publishers such as Anaya, Oxford University Press, and Rovio based in Spain and England, respectively. Her works majorly appear in books, illustrated books, and covers. In her illustrative artwork, she produces colorful images with funny character designs.

Beatriz Castro is a lover of animals and books. Her hobbies include reading classic stories, fairy tales, listening to punk and rock music.

  1. Annie Wilkinson

Born in a family that is enthusiastic about art forms like drawing, photography and music, Annie Wilkinson has grown to become an epic illustrative artist and a band musician. Until she was 21 years old, she had not thought of being an illustrative artist despite being skilled since her childhood. However, when she began engaging in illustrative artwork, she grew to love it and wouldn’t imagine doing anything other than that.

She digitally creates her work using native apps and prominently uses the juxtaposition technique to enhance her art.

When she is not working, she plays in a band with her friends and engages in ice hockey during winter and baseball during summer.

  1. Chris Herriot

Chris Herriot is an illustrator and an enthusiastic writer, producer, actor, and ardent fine arts lover. He is well trained in his trades and has worked as a voice-over agent for film production and tv companies, giving him all the ability to view art from a wide range of creative angles.

As a man of many hats in the creative arena, Chris is passionate about advertising. He has worked with various brands for more than five years. In his creative journey, his best moment is when he receives a new client and prepares to fully deliver high-quality work to meet his clients’ needs.

His most recent projects include Nike Commercial for the World Cup, content development for Jaguar Land Rover, advertising for Pantechnicon, Washington Post, New Yorker, and other renowned companies.

  1. Fabian Slongo

Have you ever drawn your inspiration from your childhood experience? You are not alone because Fabian Slongo, a freelance artist from Buenos Aires, Argentina, began his illustrative artwork journey when he was three years old. Despite not reading, he could decipher and get drawn to the images and texts in his comic books, something that made him specialize in vivid illustrative artwork for school children and textbooks.

Apart from doing illustrations for children’s textbooks, he is also a professional art illustrator for medical, technical, and nature books. Fabian, 59, has illustrated for Macmillan Education, Edelvives, Clarín Group, and Norma Editions.

When he is not engaging in his artwork, Fabian will watch Hitchcock’s and De Palma´s movies. Moreover, he loves watching modern South Korean cinema

  1. Ana Peake

Ana Peake is a dedicated and enthusiastic illustrator focusing on children’s artwork, greeting cards, and editorials. She is a veteran illustrator as she has been in the industry for the last 10 years, giving her a perfect mastery in her work.

As an artist to watch for in 2022, Ana has created works for various globally recognized brands, including Target, Minted, Barness and Noble, all in which her focus is to bring art into the lives of children, opening their environment to lots of learning, fun, and exposure.

When she is not in her creative studio designing the next big illustration, you will find Ana tending to her garden, discovering new recipes in the kitchen or exploring Austin’s culinary scene.

As days go by, art is gaining more pop and color. Discoveries in new art techniques, tools, and creative ways of doing it are a significant contribution to this. The artists are still coming in handy to move the industry to newer levels each day. Their competitiveness amongst themselves is making them rush to offer the best illustrations. When you get an art project next time, consider the above-reviewed illustrators.

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