3 most popular art residencies that you should apply for:

Art residency is a great opportunity for artists worldwide to develop their skills. You will get also the chance to build a network of famous artists, take part in art events and art exhibition.
In most cases, artists prefer to stay in their atelier painting rather than taking part in events. But, artists participating in art residencies will have the chance to focus on their work while taking part in events.
At first galance, artists find it difficult to choose the right art residency. Doing small research we have been surprised by the number of residencies that you can choose among. this made our mission to select a famous one a bit hard.
In this article, we will save your searching time. We will cite the most popular art residencies. we got a selection of most independent residencies independently of the location.

1- The Camargo Foundation residency program :

This art residency takes place in Cassis, France. This foundation offers residencies in the Arts and Humanities. It offers a great location and to think, create, and connect. The Foundation encourages artists worldwide to apply for the residency.

2- Villa Lena Foundation residency program:

Villa Lena Foundation has an annual residency program in Tuscany, Italy. The residency takes place a beautiful location in Tuscany one hour away from Florence and Pisa. The residency offers for artists:

*6 week residencies with onsite accommodation,

*Studio space

*half-board meals (breakfast and dinner) in the hotel restaurant.

* The program includes regular meetings, workshops and other events to foster interaction. This a great opportunity for artists worldwide to have a great opportunity and to network in Italy.

3-Tabakalera Residency:

Tabakalera offers the chance for artists to take part in a residency and support artists worldwide to take part in this opportunity.
The program support artists in their work
This program’s main aim is to provide support and assistance to artistic processes, both at a conceptual and production level.
There is an annual call for this program. The call is open to artists of Spanish nationality. The residency, which will last four weeks, will take place at the Kooshk Residency (Tehran, Iran).

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