Winner 2nd place Category sculpture; Artwork: RED MOONS; artist: DIANA FERNÁNDEZ

Country : Guatemala
zip-code : 01010
email: diana.fernandez.escultura@gmail.com
website: https://www.dianafernandez.art/
To develop cosmic visions in fiberglass, is to create new visions of outer space with inner material, that is why in fibreglass I developed Red Moons and many other possibilities and much more that sculpturally merge with colour and shape in a different way of  my other sculptures in alabaster and bronze, which also represent the universal experiences that surround us.
Diana Fernandez is a recognized Guatemalan sculptor with 290 national and international exhibitions and 20 solo shows. The International Sculpture Center said she revitalizes alabaster with a contemporary language. She received the National School of Arts Unique Sculptor Award and the Guatemala Biennial Honorable Mention also the Tribute to her Sculptural Work by FUNSILEC, 2016. Also awarded with the Goya Award at the Barcelona Biennial in Spain and the Caravaggio International Award Experience in Rome, Italy. Additionally, her sculptures appeared in the Euroairport Mega Screen in Basel, Switzerland. Curator Vittorio Sgarbi recognized her with the Milan International Art Award. In 2018 she participated in ARTROOMS London   successfully and in Art projects New York
0.1. Also in MIRADAS INICIALES in Jorge Jurado Art Studio, Bogotá, Colombia and in 2019 she was awarded by ARTAVITA, FUSION ARTS and SAATCHI ART GALLERY and many more.
artwork: RED MOONS
Dimensions : 96x67x28 cms.

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