How to get an art residency in 2021: Your little guide.

In this article I will give you the necessary steps to get an art residency. Step vary from one residency to another, but we will try to explain the most common steps that you need to follow. There multiple art residencies available during the year whether, fully funded partially funded, or where you have to pay yourself for your expenses. You can be also an emerging artist or famous one. You need to prepare well submitting your application. Competition is very rude in some program, so read carefully this article to increase you chances to be selected.

-Build your online presence:

As an artist, your artwork should be present on every social media platform, like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest. This increases the chances that your artwork can be viewed. This will help build your online presence. Make sure to cross-post your artworks on other pages or partner social media accounts.

Also, make sure to have your portfolio website. You can assign someone to build a professional portfolio website on Fiverr for a very low price.

What you need to have in an artist portfolio website:

About section: A brief description about yourself, how you became an artist, why you love art.

Portfolio: List all your artworks on this page, add a short description of each artwork, and also links to social media so people can share it easily.

Contact page: Make it easy for customers to reach you. A clear and easy to fill Contact form is more than enough.  

It is very important to drive visitors to your website. Take part in art contest.

Prepare a good CV:

Before submitting your application, make sure to write a good CV. Mention your previous experience.

Example of experience that will make your CV stronger:

-Previous participation in Art contests.

-Prizes and recognition.

-Your art degree.

-Your participation in an art exhibition.

-Your field of specialization in Art, you need to specialize in a specific area or art.

Where to find art residencies:

Many websites offer you the chance to find art residencies, art-house online gallery post regularly art residencies and contests, visit it regularly to find what you are looking for. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive a custom offer every month.

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