Artist: Ulf Koenig; Artwork: L-Pop-Architectonic Letter Merit Award Jan edition 2021.

Artist: Ulf Koenig
Country: Germany
Biography: Ulf König lives in the City of Ulm, south of Germany. Since 2004 he works as a self-educated freelance artist and designer. He has participated in around 50 solo- and group exhibitions in Europe, Canada, USA, received 9 honors and awards, and has published in 6 art-magazines.

The wall sculptures belong to my series 3D-typography which opens up an interdisciplinary field of tension between letters and architectonic concepts. Their geometric style is concrete constructive, and I have also used corresponding primary colours in the past. Recently, however, for the submitted L-Pop and V-Pop installations, each are of four identically structured sculptures displaying the letters L or V, I turned to pop art colours, comparible to those used by Andy Warhol. The choice and arrangement of diverse vivid colours should make the four individual sculptures looking completely different, and should create an amazing contrast to their rigorous 3D-geometry.
Artwork: L-Pop-Architectonic Letter
Medium: mixed-media wall sculptures, and installation
Dimensions:  35 x 28 x 3 inches

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