Artist: Stephen Mauldin; Artwork: “Pleiotropic Isotraphy” Honor Award, Jan 2021 edition.

Artist: Stephen Mauldin
Country: United States
Biography: From the day I stepped out of undergraduate school in 1974 until the present day, I have always worked almost exclusively with acrylic on canvas, or occasionally on masonite or paper.  On occasion, I draw.  I have always worked using unconventional methods, as well.  This has not been for purposes of being different for different’s sake but in order to express what I want (need?) to express.  Most recently, I have been slinging paint from ultra-fine straight pins, at very high speed, onto canvas.  The mark created by doing this just blew me away the first time I made it.  Its defining characteristic is electric energy, but the incredibly fine nature of the mark is also striking.

My work has always been inspired by an interest in physics, both sub-atomic and cosmological.  This drawing was inspired by images of sub-atomic particles.
Artwork: “Pleiotropic Isotraphy”
Medium: Graphite stick and pencil on paper
Dimensions : 10 3/4″ x 14 3/4″

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