Art residency in Spain, Airguiniguada program

In order to be able to slow down life, we believe it is worth breaking our routines from time to time – this is why artist-in-residencies have spread as a way of enhancing creativity through (re)settling our minds. Our idea was that the notion of the AIR could be expanded by not having artists exclusively at the specific location, but enabling them to mix with academic researchers. We believe heterogeneity always helps, thus, the more people could broaden their comprehensions of their worlds, the better for humankind!

We offer the artist / researcher resident community, or solitude if you please, in a bold vast space that invites for musing, far away from buzzing crowds, and still within easy reach, in an unconquerable castle, a landscape straight out of a fairy-tale, in one of the world’s best climates by common consensus. On the other hand, we are not about consumer comfort; those who like to stay with us prefer to get one step closer to nature – both their own physique and the outside, non-artificial environment – and are not wary of adventure.

This is why we start our venture in this house, not for too many persons, and not for too few (max number of guests vary between 4 and 8). Our goal is to host, in this hybridised form of staying, people who are ready to leave the routines of their home behind and spend time in our company thinking, working, relaxing, discussing in our house.

Duration of residency

The duration of this residency program is minimum two weeks.


The house is an ‘organic’ type – this means by local standards it had been used first as a series of caves, since unknown times, and the previous owners enlarged it step by step in the directions where the rocky hillside has permitted. The residency area starts above our apartment; consisting of four rooms. Each room is separate, they do not open from each other. A shared kitchen and various terraces are at your disposal, a shared bathroom for the three ateliers, and a separate one for the fourth room.

Disciplines, work equipment and assistance

Artist and Researcher in Residence Guiniguada is awaiting guests who have projects or would want to get a deeper understanding of the following issues: Ecology & society: ecological art, food chain, carbon and nitrogen cycle, recuperation of ecosystems. Arts & society: visual language, contemporary art of light, hermetic traditions in modern art. Human rights & society: equality of opportunity, equal treatment, social exclusion/inclusion. General facilities / services: large outdoor and indoor spaces, large work desks, large work walls, library, abundance of organic material, basic wood and metal working electric tools, basic manual stone working tools, manual gardening, landscaping tools, collection of international and Canarian fresh herbs for cooking and tea, internet (The Canarians take a different pace in the project of eradicating the material world, but we strive to provide broadband wifi in the house. 4G signal at every point.), parking is possible on site, excursion recommendations, organised trips (additional charge), home restaurant from minimum 3 persons (additional charge, ordered in advance, on site).

Studio / Workspace

The rooms serve as separate ateliers, for open air work the many terraces and for interior work our entrance building can be used, besides the natural surroundings. For more information and pictures please visit our website:

Fees and support

The residency has a fee. Encouraging longer residencies, thus 2 weeks: €550, additional weeks: €165. Partners are allowed and welcome in the same private room but asked to pay a fee to cover accommodation (€120 per week). Note: Once your application has been accepted, your place will be secured after receiving 33% of the fee. Travel, food or medical insurance costs are not included in the fee. 

Expectations towards the artist

The artists and researchers are expected to give a presentation.

Application information

Please send the applications to, with the following content: Your full name (as it appears in the passport), gender, date of birth, a passport photo, a copy of the passport, e-mail address, country of living and country of origin; Website/URL detailing recent work (if you do not have a website, please email 5-10 images or documentation of recent work for visual and performing artists or three writing samples or publications for researchers / writers along with your application (images should be not larger than 500 KB, texts should be in PDF format) outline your planned activities during the residency, please be specific and brief; attach a short biography or cv; indicate your preferred dates of residency; please, let us know where you have found out about us.Selection procedure is carried out by staff. You will be informed of the decision in 15 days after the deadline as latest.

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