5 Most Famous Art Festivals in India

India, a delightful blend of cultures, consistently persists a captivating and spellbinding beauty for tourists of all age groups. The one thing that joins the nation as a string of pearls is its beautiful and intriguing festivals. For artists and art admirers, a versatile art festival can be a genuinely improving and incredible learning experience. These fests and art shows are an opportunity to showcase Indian painting and new art formats.

In India, the art festivals consist of an explosion of colors, folk music, exhibition of traditional Indian culture in unexpected ways, mesmerizing landscapes, and much more.

Let’s explore the 5 most famous art festivals in India that are catching attention across the globe:

  1. Kala Ghoda Art Festival:
  • Kala Ghoda Arts Festival is a collective expression festivity occasion held in the regions of the Kala Ghoda District of South Mumbai. The zone is spotted with a few art museums and exhibitions, including the National Gallery of Modern Art and the Prince of Wales Museum.
  • It is a nine-day long festival, is a common expressions festivity occasion held in South Mumbai and has completed 16 years by amusing the art lovers.
  • Today, it has become a total display of Indian artistic expressions, including theater and shows, street art, Gothic, and different styles of recorded South Mumbai design and a shopping event. Over a long time, it has been trendy to the Southern Mumbai zone of Kala Ghoda and now spreading out to neighboring auditoriums, to consolidate the rise in support and footfalls.
  • Venue: Different parts of Kala Ghoda District of South Mumbai
  • Event Month: February
  • Entry Fee: Free
  1. India Art Fair:
  • India Art Fair started in 2011, and from then the celebration has risen as a typical culture and art festival in India.
  • Going on for 10-20 days, the occasion is a yearly undertaking held at different places of New Delhi. This festival is associated with government and non-government agencies, civil and corporate societies.
  • India Art Fair has its unique culture and art exhibit that incorporates artwork, theater, and other performing arts, local movies, and creative programs, among others. Some leading galleries and artists from Asia, the USA, and Europe are participating in this festival.
  • Venue: Thyagaraj Stadium, New Delhi
  • Event Month: January-February
  • Entry Fee: Rs. 700, Rs. 400 (Student Pass), Rs. 1,000 (Weekend Pass), Rs. 4,000 (Preview Pass)

India Art Festival, a contemporary art fair founded in 2011 is a new model for dialogue and collaborations between art galleries, art dealers, art buyers, artists, interior designer, architects and art connoisseurs who come together every year under roof. India Art Festival (IAF) along with mid-level and major art galleries also provides the opportunity to emerging, independent artists to get discovered and enjoy the attention along with the established artists to engage contemporary painting

Art Festivals in India showcase incredible glimpses of intriguing and colorful shades of arts in an amazing way. Some of the astounding Indian artifacts and vibrant culture of the country is put to display and amuses various travelers.

  1. Taj Mahotsav:
  • Your art explores holidays in India are incomplete if you didn’t visit Taj Mahotsav, one of the brightest after art festivals in India. If you wish to see the handlooms, woodwork, local handicrafts from around India under one roof, then visit this art festival.
  • This is a 10-day long celebrated art festival held at Shilpgram. Many tourists from India and abroad are visiting Taj Mahotsav, which offers them a chance to take a brief look at art, vibrant cultures of our country.
  • One of the most dynamic and beautiful art festivals in India is participating in more than 300 artists across India. Apart from art collections, you can enjoy great reasonable local dishes and folk dance from Uttar Pradesh at Taj Mahotsav. 
  • Venue: Shilpgram, Agra
  • Month: February
  • Entry Fee: Free ( for Children up to 5 years), Rs. 10 (for Children between 5-10 years),  Rs.50 (for Adults)
  1. Ajanta-Ellora International Festival:
  • Ajanta Ellora festival offers a fascinating and energizing approach to explore hundreds of years old architectural tradition incorporated in the historical structures of Aurangabad.
  • It was before known as ‘Ellora festival’ and was held in the wonderful Ellora Caves. Since 2002, the place of the celebration has been moved to Soneri Mahal. Presently, the Ajanta Ellora festival is a significant observance in India and gives a world-class stage to several Indian old styles and folk artists and instrumental and vocal performers.
  • It is a three-day-long festival and promotes handicraft richness in Kalagram. The point of this colorful festival is to help Indian artists’ talents and is directed by the Tourism Department of Maharashtra government.
  • Venue: Soneri Mahal, Aurangabad
  • Month: January
  • Entry Fee: Free
  1. Bengaluru International Art Festival:
  • The Bengaluru International Arts Festival is the ideal place where you can see the entertaining performance of Chennai entertainers, and you can move on the worldwide music performed by artists from Sri Lanka or Norway.
  • It is a nine-day festival consisting of stand-up comedy, folk art, music, and dance performance.
  • A significant event in this art festival was established by Dr. Suma Sudhindra, a prestigious Veena supporter, and Veena Murthy Vijay, popular Bharatanatyam, and Kuchipudi artist.
  • Venue: Bengaluru
  • Month: Not yet decided
  • Entry Fee: Free

Art is said to prosper just when the artists are acknowledged as their vulnerable selves and are acknowledged for what they are. Be a piece of these celebrations on your next holidays in India and help in making something significant. Indian culture is vibrant, and to see its prosperity; you should visit different art festivals in India to unfold awesome paintings and colorful artworks and to understand the ethos of Indian culture.

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