La wayaka current art residency
Call for artists

  • Western Europe
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  • Western Europe

La wayaka current art residency opens applications for international artists to take part in the program.

Participants will have the chance to live in indigenous locations.

This is a unique opportunity to live inside and together with a remote indigenous community isolated in wild natural environments. Due to the extremity of the place we ask scenario based questions to see how applicants will react to situations, find out if this project is suited for them and that they will get the best from it.

This an incredibly enriching opportunity to remain open and learn from a community living in connection with the natural world entirely, spiritually and daily and to create long-term cultural bridges, awareness and inspire shifts in perspectives personally, as well as for future bodies of work and creative practice. We accept applications written in English and Spanish.

Intake period: 

Status: Application are open now.
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