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Being on residency at The Hide means you can spend dedicated time on your practice, getting down work that matters. It’s a place to nurture your process and discover new ways of working. Our distraction-free environments are designed to inspire.

You can access support while working here in the form of critiques and mentoring.

Through the Hide you also have the opportunity to engage with other artists in the region and be connected to a wider network of artists who share the same desires and ethos.

Please do not hesitate to apply on this page. We are particularly interested in supporting under-represented and low-income artists and creatives. All applications will be assessed on a case by case basis.

A percentage of all non-artist stays during high season (typically £90 per week night) contributes towards funding our winter residencies.

Residencies are available in both The Hut and The Suite

Winter Residencies

From October up to April, The Hide Artist Retreat offers self-directed, part-funded and funded practitioner residencies for all creatives.

A successful applicant for a solo artist residency between October and end of March can receive a discount of up to 75%.

Summer Residencies

In the summer we need to charge for stays.

We suggest you consider applying for funding if the cost seems too much.

Write us into your applications such as Arts Council DYCP or Project Grant.

Day Residencies

You need that day of peace and quiet to overcome writers block or start that creative project, but still want to get home to pick up the kids or sleep in your own bed.

The Hide offers day retreats ranging from £60 a day (Mon-Fri) or £600 for a month block. Discounts available for underrepresented and low-income creatives. All enquiries above.

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