Art residency in Italy at the Palazzo in Brescia

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The Palazzo is an incubator for creativity and productivity, offering artists a chance to find inspiration, forge new relationships and create collaborations. The Palazzo offers an art residency program for international artists(A.I.R program). Art residency Location The Palazzo has a residency program, an exhibition space and a private collection, founded in 2017 and located in Brescia, Italy. Brescia is a rich industrial city in Lombardy between Lake Garda, Lake Iseo and the Valtrompia in the foothills of the Alps, about 100 km east of Milan. The Palazzo(the castle): Built in 13th century in Brescia and turned in a Dynamic place to how artists from around the globe, More than 200 artists from around the world took part in the art residency program. Artworks: Paintings and prints, installations and objects Used mediums: Ceramic, iron, bronze, marble or wood. Art exhibition access: Please send an email for reservations *Applications are open Application link Many people read our art newsletter ; you should too!