Art exhibition in Lithuania

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The art exhibition presents the work of the interdisciplinary artist Tomas Lagūnavičius. The main focus of the exhibition is Post-existentialist.


Contemporary Art and Science Center under KSJMC, Sandėlių g. 7, Kaunas

Opening hours

8am-5pm, Mon-Fri

Fees Free of charge

About the artist

Tomas Lagūnavičius is is a multi-disciplinary, mixed-media artist based in Lithuania. His creative work includes visual and performing arts and dates back to 2009. He had organized several personal exhibitions at the Contemporary Art and Science Center and art galleries.

Exhibition theme Post-existentialist: A post-existentialist is a person who lives authentically, fills his existence with meaning, value, and is not responsible for his choices. The identity of a post-existentialist is different from an existentialist. The most important difference is that the existentialist is responsible for his choices, while the post-existentialist is not

Why is the post-existentialist not responsible for his decisions?

1. Studies of the central nervous system show that we make decisions unconsciously. They reach consciousness only after 3-60 seconds.

2. When creating content, you need to take into account the impulses of the external environment: people’s behavior, advertising, social norms, etc.

3. All values and norms of behavior are relative; there are no uniform evaluation criteria for human behavior.

4. My today’s “self” is different from my yesterday’s “self”. The “self” is dynamic and changing. Therefore, you cannot be responsible for the decisions of yesterday’s “self”. Searching for identity and self is one of the most important tasks of a person living in a global world. A person, in search of an identity, faces various obstacles. First of all, the choice of identity options is very wide. A modern person can identify with traditionalists, postmodernists, pragmatists, etc. Secondly, a person may not have encountered some identities, so he does not know how to realize them in practice.