Gallery Winners

Art House online Gallery is delignted to announce winners of June 2021 edition: 

Art House online Gallery is delighted to announce winners of January 2021 edition: 

Art House online gallery is delighted to announce winners of November 2020:

Art House online gallery is delighted to announce winners of September 2020:

Winner category ACRYLIC

Artist : Stephen Watkins
Country : United Kingdom

Artwork: Over the Thames
Medium : Acrylic on Canvas
Dimensions : 1.2m x 1m

Artist : Tomas Lagūnavičius
Country : Lithuania

Artwork: One’s Fate 11
Medium: acrylic on canvas
Dimensions : 60*80 cm

Artist : Sneha Bhaumik
Country : India

Artwork : conversation

Medium: Acrylic.
Dimensions:  18*24 inch

Winner category OIL ON CANVAS:

Artist : Anastasiia Kruglova
Country : Russian Federation

Artwork : Doors – finding a solution
Medium: oil on canvas
Dimensions:  70/90 (cm)

Country: Israel

Artwork: By the lake
Medium : Oil on canvas
Dimensions : x2*140*80*

Winner category MIXED MEDIA:

Artist: Sam Heydt
Country: Austria

Artwork: Legos
Medium: Mixed Media
Dimensions : 20in x 30in

Winner category WATERCOLOR:

Artist : Sherri DioGuardi
Country : United States

Artwork: Downtown Warrensburg
Medium2: Watercolor
Dimensions2:  4″x5″

Winner category INK PEN LINER :

Artist: René Agostinho
Country: Brazil

Artwork: Series Brotherhood Pedro
Medium: Watercolor brush maker, ink pen liner and gouache pencil
Dimensions : 23,4 X 16,5 in

Winner category ARCYLIC ON LEATHER: 

Country: Spain

Dimensions: 81X71

Winner category MEDIUM PEN:

Artist: Alyssa Vallecorsa
Country : United States

Artwork: Carlow Rose
Medium: Pen
Dimensions : 36″ x 24″

Winner category digital category:

Artist: Karisma
Country : Italy

Artwork: Birds Set Free
Medium : Digital Artwork
Dimensions : 120x40cm

Artist : Yuya Kawata
Country : Japan

Artwork: Cyber Symphony (Pink and Purple)
Medium: Digital Artwork

Art Gallery winner medium Copper:

Artist: E.M Mahesh chathuranga Ekanayaka
Country: Sri Lanka

Artwork: Man Destructing the Nature
Medium : Copper

Art Gallery winner Honorable Award:

Artist: Girts Berzs
Country: United Kingdom

Artwork: EYE

Art House online gallery is delighted to announce winners of July 2020

Winner category  Pencil on paper:

Artist: Federico Putzulu Sini
Country : Italy

Artwork: Andrà tutto bene. Everything will be fine.

Medium : Pencil on paper
Dimensions : 50×70

Winner category 3D laser scanning

Country : United Kingdom

Artwork: Parametric Illusions
Medium : 3D laser scanning
Dimensions : 40×40 cm

Winner Category  oil:

Country : India

Artwork: Confidence -The most expensive ornament

Winner Category Arcylic painting: 

Artist : Farhat Nasim
Country : India

Artwork: Mother Goddess
Medium: Acrylic painting
Dimensions:  8.27×11.69inches

Winner Category Embossed Figure: 

Artist: Erni José Seibel
Country : Brazil

Artwork: Remember Matisse!
Medium : Wooden panel with embossed figure
Dimensions : 76 cm X 80 cm

Winner Category watercolour: 

Artist : Archana Mardi
Country: India


Medium: watercolour on watercolor paper
Dimensions:  29.7 × 42 cm

Art House online gallery is delighted to announce winners of May 2020

Winner Portrait category: 

Artist: Elise Manechez
Country : France
Artwork: Azrael
Medium: oil on canvas board
Dimensions : 38 x 46 cm

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Winner mixed media 

Artist : Smrita Swarup
Country : Singapore.
Artwork: Journey to happiness
Medium : Mixed media
Dimensions : 30 inch by 30 inch

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Winner category Watercolor:

Artist: Tori christgen
Country : United States
artwork: Authentic Breakfast
Medium : Marker and Watercolor
Dimensions : 3”x5”

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Winner category oil on canvas: 

Artist: John DuBose
Country : United States
Artwork: Desert Storm
Medium : Oil on canvas
Dimensions : 2’ x 3’

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Art House online gallery is delighted to announce winners of Jan 2020

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Artist: Simona Zecca

Artwork: Audrey
Medium2: acrylic on canvas
Dimensions2:  50×60

Country : Italy
zip-code : 20156
Simona Zecca is an Italian self-taught artist, she has been working for many years in an office but she has always wanted to try to make a living of her art. She has always been drawing since She was a child, and this is was her real passion.
So, after some health issues, She decided to leave her work and try to live as an artist.
She has been working mainly as an airbrush artist customizing helmets, motorcycles and so on, but She needed to express herself through paintings too.
This year She has started exhibiting her paintings at some exhibitions in Italy and she was warmly welcomed by people and critics.
Her work was featured at Mantova Art Expo, WomenHouse at OpenArt Gallery in Florence and upcoming Premio S. Crispino in Porto Sant’Elpidio (FM), in Italy.
She is currently working on a series of female portraits focused on eyes, as they are the part of a face which She loves to paint the most.

Winner Category mixed media

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Country : Nigeria
biography: Mrs Kukoyi is a Principal lecturer in Auchi Polytechnic and a Mixed Media Painter. She is a member of the Female Artist Association (FEAAN), member of SNA etc. and She has participated in several Exhibitions both Solo and group.
artwork: Royal Ride II
Medium : Mixed Media
Dimensions : 24 x 32 inches

Winner 1st place Category sculpture: 

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Artist : Damien Berger
Pays: France
Site Web:
Biography: Damien BERGER est né en 1987 à Tours (37) de parents débordants de modestie.

De son père, autodidacte qualifié du Bâtiment, et de sa mère, diplômée couturière en confection, il a appris le courage, l’honnêteté et l’endurance. Et c’est tout naturellement qu’il a développé cette pugnacité qui anime son ardeur en créations aujourd’hui.
C’est dès l’âge de 10 ans, à Luzé, qu’il a développé une puissante attirance pour la pierre, une véritable rencontre avec ce calcaire, ce grès des Indes, ce granit (« La Flamme ») qu’il forge, qu’il façonne aujourd’hui. Dès lors, il a été évident pour lui d’entamer énergiquement sa formation de Tailleur de pierre à 14 ans, comme magnétisé par la matière !

A partir de 2002 jusqu’à 2004, il passe son CAP de Tailleur de Pierre et médaillé d’argent au Meilleurs apprentis de France.

Puis en 2006, il obtient son Brevet Professionnel des Métiers de la Pierre. .L’année 2017 a vu concrétiser son inscription à la Maison des Artistes en tant que « BERGER Damien Sculpture ».
Artwork: Metisse
Medium : sculpture
Dimensions : 38*8*8

Winner 2nd place Category sculpture: 

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Country : Guatemala
zip-code : 01010
To develop cosmic visions in fiberglass, is to create new visions of outer space with inner material, that is why in fibreglass I developed Red Moons and many other possibilities and much more that sculpturally merge with colour and shape in a different way of  my other sculptures in alabaster and bronze, which also represent the universal experiences that surround us.
Diana Fernandez is a recognized Guatemalan sculptor with 290 national and international exhibitions and 20 solo shows. The International Sculpture Center said she revitalizes alabaster with a contemporary language. She received the National School of Arts Unique Sculptor Award and the Guatemala Biennial Honorable Mention also the Tribute to her Sculptural Work by FUNSILEC, 2016. Also awarded with the Goya Award at the Barcelona Biennial in Spain and the Caravaggio International Award Experience in Rome, Italy. Additionally, her sculptures appeared in the Euroairport Mega Screen in Basel, Switzerland. Curator Vittorio Sgarbi recognized her with the Milan International Art Award. In 2018 she participated in ARTROOMS London   successfully and in Art projects New York
0.1. Also in MIRADAS INICIALES in Jorge Jurado Art Studio, Bogotá, Colombia and in 2019 she was awarded by ARTAVITA, FUSION ARTS and SAATCHI ART GALLERY and many more.
artwork: RED MOONS
Dimensions : 96x67x28 cms.

Art house online Gallery is delighted to announce winners of March 2019 Contest.

First Place:

Artist : Iris Geneviève Lahens
country : Canada
biography: Iris, (genevieve lahens esper), an architect by trade has been painting for the last 16 years.
Without pretension or gaudiness, her paintings impact first by the simplicity of their language.
Silent understanding. Measured lines. Jarring rhythms.
Her art works unfold like a customary dance that brings out beauty and feeling.
Her paintings and sculpture (wood and recycled iron), have no reference to time.
You can’t tell where she is from – Africa, Asia or Europe.
Emancipated or eluding a permanent residence, her art work would fit in a space yet to be classified where the traditional, the ancient and the spiritual absorb the fragrance of modernity. You could describe them as-“something that the new millennium is expecting, totally universal with a background of the spiritual.”
“Much sensitivity, spontaneity and rectitude. One is amazed with the equilibrium obtained. From this perfect dosage of powers a poetry warm and delightful.”
artwork: A passion for life
Medium : Acrylic on paper
Dimensions : 11,7 X 8,3 inches

Second Place:

Artist: Batool alzaid
Country: Saudi Arabia

Biography: I am an artist and coach of the art of Orgami and work forms of art
Artwork: origami swan
Medium: swan
Dimensions: 60\30 sm

Art house online gallery is delighted to announce winners of first edition of our contest for December 2018.

First place: The weaving of life

                                   click >here< to see in high quality

Artist : rima al rimawi
country : Jordan
zip-code : 11941
biography: Rima ALRimawi is a Jordanian visual artist.
she graduated from the university of applied sciences with bachelors degree in graphic design in 2000 . Rimawi  participated in several art exhibitions . she now teaches art passing on her experience to her students.
Medium : Drawing on cloth with raw materials 100×80 cm
Dimensions : 100×80 cm

Second Place:  Repeat the experiment

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Artist: Roumaissa Kebassi
country : Algeria
biography: Mostaganem
General Specialization: Visual Arts
Specialty: Bachelor of Fine Arts
Master degree. History and criticism of fine art
Temporary success certificate for the Batna Fine Arts School 2011 First installment
Baccalaureate Certificate 2012

Bachelor of Fine Arts, Mostaganem, 2015
Master Certificate of Fine Arts Criticism Mostaganem 2017
Second Year PHD
artwork: At the moment of Alzheimer’s
Medium : Different techniques
Dimensions : 65/50

Third Place: Rare pearl

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Artist Name : Sana Hichri
Country : Tunisia
zip-code : 2037
biography: 1976 / Lives and works between Brussel , Dubai and Tunisia.
Sana Hichri modern contemporary Artiste ,sculptor creatrice, and professor of fine Art  Gratuated from the royal academy fine art Belgium Director and Foundation The club  of Fine Arts which federates and directs a network of artists, the history of modern art, painting and sculpture, according to a pedagogy that has developed over 20 years of personal artistic experiences, her Work can be found in collections across the UAE and Europe.
Her modern paintings and sculptures can be described as uniques and originale arts. Her artwork is layered with symbolism, often provoking deep emotions. She expresses love, hope, authenticity, and beauty through her modern arts…!
Medium : Mixed media
Dimensions : 1m x 90cm

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