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Little known ways to find an art residency abroad:

A lot of creative artists can’t find art residencies that meet their expectations. Reasons for that could be a lack of information, no funding, few resources. In this article, we will focus on the first point which is the lack of information. We will answer the following question, where to find appropriate art residencies. We will offer our readers a selection of best addresses:

Resartis (world network of art residencies):

Res Artis is an association of 650 centres in 70 countries. They offer artists worldwide information related to art residencies.
Artists will find all information about art residencies in their portal. they will stay informed about the network events and future deadlines. This network is the biggest in its kind. They foster mobility and exchange between artists. How it works, you can use their art residencies search tool to find your destination.


This network shares information for artists looking for opportunities abroad.
They offer facts about available art residencies opportunities. Their opportunities search engine is easy to use.
Their goal is to make art residencies accessible to artists thanks to their website. They offer other services like art workshops, exhibition, research and projects. You can browse through their search engine for opportunities.

Art House online gallery:

Art house online gallery gathers artists from different countries. Artists featured their artworks in the gallery. The aim was to highlight their artwork, feature it and network with other artists. Thanks to art house online gallery you will get a better reach of your art pieces. The art gallery shares tips related to art residencies, and art contests.

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