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Artist : VANESSA GKOULIOPOULOU, artwork: Parametric Illusions

Country : United Kingdom
Email: sol@sliceoflife.com
website: https://www.sliceoflifeproject.com/
Biography: Passionate about arts and science Vanessa is an artist with a surveying engineering background. Her work is based on the use of 3D laser scanning technology as a medium creating point cloud art prints. The creative process evolves through capturing and exploring a variety of subjects in the real world. Interested in discovering hidden forms in everyday objects, humans postures and built or natural complexes.

Parametric illusions: 3D point cloud image captured utilising a 3D laser scanner. Objects series. Natural curves occur due to gravity, texture and thickness of the garment’s material. Visible and invisible parts are merging into a transparent unity resembling a parametric shaped object.

Look up: 3D point cloud image captured utilising a 3D laser scanner. Spaces series. Focus on the architectural details of the Edwardian era in London. Commencing with the thought that as we move around the city so many things get unnoticed, this work tries to give an insight of missing beauty in a chaotic city like London.
artwork: Parametric Illusions
Medium : 3D laser scanning
Dimensions : 40×40 cm

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